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Hey you! Welcome to another edition of a life transforming article. This article reveals why most guys are single, why broken relationships is on the increase and how best to rise above all odds in your love life and transform your life via knowledge and practice. I guarantee you a massive turn around in your relationship. Stay blessed.

“Gone are those days of King and servant relationship. Twenty first Century relationship is all about partnership headed by love and tending towards growth, development and success on every side”.                                        Emiola Favour.

Every one goal is to be loved and to be in a happy relationship. Growing up as a kid, I never believed in anything love and that’s because I see, I hear relationships and marriages around me in shambles, men beating their wives, young girls complaining on the ups and downs in their relationships and the fact that the guy doesn’t understand them and end up cheating and dumping them. I have heard guys say things like they don’t understand her or the relationship anymore. They have tried and things aren’t working. So I vowed as a kid to help people work on their relationship and I couldn’t do that until I worked on myself to understand love and to love myself, then I believed in love and promised myself to work on people’s ignorance of what love truly is and why it’s beautiful to be admired. Stay tuned guys.

Okay. Let’s look into a very important topic which is tips on how to have a strong relationship. Here are 6 points every solid relationship is built on.

1) A Physical contact: Being close are in different ways, it’s physical, emotional and mental. So combining the three aspect gives you a level of closeness that is transcendental. Actually at times you don’t need to be in the same room to feel the closeness, but the bond is just there.

2) Open Communication: She needs to know intentions, you should be able to share any subject with your partner. That is been able to handle situations that comes your way and ability to talk them out. That is becoming friend with a person before dating and after, by that they can be your best friend and you can be comfortable around them.

3) Constant communication: Humans are communicators. We may have different means of communication. Some talk, others listen, yet others find a way to communicate without really saying much, so you must communicate to increase the level of connection with her.

4) Humor and patience to understand: When you both laugh at the same thing it creates bond between one another and you are able to accept each other for whom you are. Women are complex and confusing in nature. Sometimes, women don’t know how to communicate their emotions, but expect you to know how they are feeling, so this is where patience comes in. Sometimes it is not their fault especially when they are on their period which comes with different emotions.

5) Mutual respect and making up after argument: Having respect goes beyond just literal terms. It is about respecting boundaries in relationships. It is about your partner having an opinion about something and you respecting it enough to not want to manipulate your way through it to suit you as we know love is selfless and sacrifice is an attribute of love, also you could suggest an idea concerning some decision your partner is about taking. Now how do you make up after an argument, it’s important to make a mess after argument no matter how small or big. Been stubborn or fighting one another forces you to become distance which could lead to a breakup. Talking to your partner about the fight and how you two can resolve it is a great communication form.

6) Emotional bonding and never take your partner for granted: Having an emotional bond is a way to be able to care for each other, build connection and trust each other. If you ask your partner how was your day? He or she would respond well. In other words it let’s the other person know you care. Also never take your partner for granted, let him or her know how beautiful he is or she is and how special you guy are to each other keeps the relationship sweet and strong. Been there for them. If you let your partner pay for everything everytime and pushing away what they have to say is a sign of taking them for granted.

So we just looked at what keeps relationship strong. We are about understanding what women want. It will be an impossible mission if you want to have a beautiful relationship without understanding what your lady want in a relationship.

1) Women look for strength in a man, what quality are you bringing to her? Does she feel you can handle the relationship. Strength can come in different way such as shapes and form et cetera. Strength comes from confidence, the way you handle situations in a relationship and not getting too emotionally reactive. Strength also sense the tone for your relationship. Women love security, but strength and security are two different things. Strength is also known by the way you act, by the way you present yourself when challenging situation arrive, how you take control of those challenging situation. Strength also entail getting to know the woman that you are in relationship with, what does she like. What are her most wonderful qualities? What are the qualities she wants to improve on? What are her life goals? These are questions you should know and as a team be working towards developing them to become a better person and doing things that you both enjoy and remembering them because these offer security.

2) Mutual respect: Having respect goes beyond just literal terms. It is about respecting boundaries in relationships. It is about your partner having an opinion about something and you respecting it enough not to manipulate your way through. It’s about not testing the limits just to see how far you can push her before she breaks.

The support that you give her and the confidence that you give and correction done in love this shows her security and confidence.
3) Affection such as love, support, correction and play.
4) Positivity is very important in a relationship. Always see good in your partner in everything she is doing. If you spot error, first of all complement her effort and then correct the error.

5) Confidence is also knowing your woman and knowing what she likes and what she doesn’t like and not been afraid to give your opinion about it and show her that you know her. She want her man to be confident in the approach of owning a relationship with her. Most men don’t take full control of owning a relationship and it brings doubt.

6) Security: Most women wants security which mean stability. It doesn’t mean you have to be the richest man in the world. You need to know that no matter what, you woman will be supportive. Have an open communication with her. Where you express your mind and settle differences. You can and should always give your woman word of affirmation. That is tell her she is the best in the world. Help her and be supportive in every aspect. Listen more than you talk when you are with her, give her listening ears, don’t just hear her when she speaks, listen to her when she is talking. Always be there for her, support her and trust her with all your heart.

7) Certainty: She needs to know intentions. What do you intend between the two of you? Do you see a future with her?

Thank you all for your time through this journey of self development and life transformation. We all know no one is an island of knowledge. Incase you have more insights into this topic why not share it in the comment section. Thank you so much. Don’t forget to share with friends and Family.



  1. Everything thing here is actually true, u just have to understand ur partner and be patient with one another.
    This is really inspiring and very good. Keep moving. And God will give you more insight and wisdom to know what to write.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmmm…. All this are true.
    But for the 5 replies on “UNDERSTANDING HOW TO MAKE RELATIONSHIP STRONGER AND KNOWING WHAT WOMEN NEED.” As for me, I know almost 18 simple things women want or need to make relationship strong but I would just give you 5 out of this, to support this article. As it’s was ask to give 5 replies.

    1. Give her your time. Don’t make her beg for your attention. Women equate love with time. If she means a lot to you, she should see that expressed by how much time you give her. Come home early. Take her out on dates

    2. Compliment her efforts to look good; her new hairstyle, her body, her clothes, her sexiness, her cooking. It is your opinion that matters most to her. Appreciate her and she’ll do anything for you.

    3. Say sorry when you wrong her. Do so quickly. Don’t move on without addressing the hurt you’ve caused her. This shows you are responsible with her heart.

    4. Randomly buy her gifts: Jewellery, chocolates, flowers, a dress, perfume. It is not the gift that excites her, but that she is constantly on your mind leading to you buying her things as a manifestation of your love.

    5. Answer her phone calls lovingly, “Hi my love”. End phone conversations with her on a high note, let her hang up smiling. Phone communication with you are very special to her. Call her just to say “I love you”, be her number one chat mate. Etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Uhm…. Nothing but true sha 🤔
    Your greatest fear is no where to be found
    You motivated yourself and now you motivate me 🤔
    Now I know there is more to understand about what we call LOVE…. Yes ✊🏾

    More inspiration from above sis 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


  4. God bless your insight dear, am blessed
    Thank you more grace
    But what about ladies understanding men also


  5. Keep it up and put more effort d Lord will help you ND give you more wisdom and knowledge in Jesus name.Rev


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