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Hey you! Welcome to another edition of a relationship transforming and life changing article. I thank you for the love, care and responses. Most of you really craved this topic, so here we are. I want you to get a good sit and nice juice with pop corn beside you before going through this article. Enjoy!

“Love birth relationship, understanding maintains it, knowledge transforms it and wisdom makes it fruitful” Emiola Favour

Okay. So we will be looking into an interesting part of this article which is understanding how men fall in love. Some girl are wondering do men have feelings? Are they worth trusting? Is sex all about men’s feeling? How do I make my man long for me? How do I win my man back from a strange woman and all. It’s funny how some people make up their mind never to go into any relationship but at the end of this article, trust me you would want to try one. Okay. So fasten your seat belt and let’s move.


We must understand the fact that how men fall in love is completely different from how women fall in love. A man’s brain is like a giant apartment complex, they have one apartment for their jobs, one for eating, one for their car, one for their job, a giant apartment for sex, an apartment for sport and a little studio apartment for emotions or feelings.

A man is wired in the sense that, if they are watching a football match it’s hard for them to really comprehend what people say around them. That’s why when he is watching movie or football match, it’s like he isn’t paying attention to you. I know most of you have tried talking to your man while he was watching a program, movie or sport. How was his reaction?

The truth is men can only be or operate at one apartment at a time. This is very different from women’s brain. A woman brain is completely connected take for instance your job could connect to your cars as well as your money, as well as how you feel. Ladies are connected to their female friends and this has a connection to the clothes they wear for outings and the clothes is connected to their pride or ego. That’s it. Women are easily multitasked. So knowing this could go a long way in a relationship. Let’s proceed.

I want you to know that the sexual area of a man is huge while the emotional area is tiny. That is, when a man meet a lady, typically it is the sexual part of his brain that makes him attracted to the lady. I want you to also know that most men do not marry a lady they aren’t attracted to sexually. When a man sees a lady be is first of all attracted by her physical qualifies such as eyes, hair, endowment, curves, body structure and so on. So they are driven most times to you based on sexual drive and they also want to be a good guy, so you see them ask questions like where are you from not necessarily because they care but because they want to have a relationship with you.

Okay having established that. One of the most important words that makes a guy fall in love with a lady is the two letter word NO. That is you establishing the fact that you aren’t going to compromise to his wish as regards his sexual desires towards you, until he signs your contract.

That is the relationship status, what you want in the relationship? Is the goal of the relationship marriage? You get to decide because these are your morale, your value, your believe. Or are you just out there to have fun with him. You have to communicate that to him. Okay he takes you out tries to hook up and you say no! He feels well, most girls say no.

He tries another time, you say no. If the girl doesn’t give up there will be a time most men come to the conclusion that you know what if I get the chance to hang out with her again am not going to get any action from her so I will have to behave myself. So the only reason he would want to hang out again with such lady is because he likes her and he has an emotional connection with her because she is great, cool and her character is charming. At this point he will have to travel in his brain from his huge apartment of sexual drive to the little studio of feelings or emotions and figure how he feels. For some guys this is hard work becayse he has to go through some series of questions such as:

Do I feel like a man with her? Do I want to be with her? Do I have what it takes to make her happy? How do I feel about this woman? Am I willing to give up clubs or party life to be with this woman?

So there is a tremendous amount of energy that a man have that is sexual energy because men have twenty times more testoterones than women do. Testoterones is what ignite our sex drive. This is why men wants more. So that is a huge amount of force and energy that you are using as a lady by saying No. By saying no you simply tell the guy you want some of this but you need ( That is contract signing of commitment, your values and believe, you want an emotional connection, spiritual connection and mental connection with Him). This serve as a motivation for the man that he has to deliver what you need to you. But surprisingly some girls think a man will love them because of sex and he will treat them well when they begin the relationship and all. Remember if the goal is for fun, then that’s her problem. But if it isn’t. Then you got it all wrong. It funny tho.

Also stating your want is one of the sexiest thing that a woman can do. The four letter word a woman can speak is WANT. That is a blue print for men to deliver to you what will make women happy.

Okay. So guys we will look into the second part which is the most important part of this episode. Which is 8 things every man need in a relationship.

1) He wants you to be happy! I know someone is like are you for real, stop kidding me and all. But seriously he want your happiness. Now does he just ask for this? Does he just say he happy? Be happy please. Of cause no. It will be creepy if he does. The problem is your happiness is a reflection of his happiness as the man in the relationship. Your happiness is tagged to his sense of worth as a man. So if you are not happy don’t be surprised if he is restless.

2) He wants you to take interest in his interests: Men love it when you become passionate about what they are passionate about. Whether he loves football, sport, music, racing or even his job. Start showing interest in those things and you will see how it will build bonds and connections between the two of you. Just imagine you screaming goal with your boyfriend while watching football with your boyfriend, instead of complaining he is not giving you attention while watching ball or doing things he is passionate about. The truth is he wants you to be passionate about what he is passionate about but wouldn’t want to compel you. Trust me, he will so happy and excited. When you connect to something that he loves the loves connects to you

3) Your man wants to be praised and acknowledged: No man will ask for this directly or rarely will a man ask for this yet this is what men crave. I know the days of King and servant kind of relationship in a love relationship is over but you should reverence and honor him. Men wants that praises. Acknowledge it when they do a good job, when they offer you help or favor. When he hugs you just whisper sweet words from your heart like telling him you give the best hug in the world. When you receive an award at work and you are being interviewed you could just say I wouldn’t have achieved this without the help and the support of my man. Trust me this goes a long way.

4) Encourage him to try new things that is adventure. If he is the type that doesn’t like going out or doing some engagement, motivate him, you could tell him boo boo I am hanging out with my friends and we are doing girls night, while not hang out with your boys today and have fun, gist with them.

5) He wants your confidence in him. This is very difficult to ask for. He wants you to believe in him and have confidence in him, give him a task once in a while and trust him to do it. Even if you can so it better and faster don’t show it. Keep inspiring him to do it a different this will always boost his morale. Imagine your man helping you in the kitchen to slice onions and you walk in and say “What on Earth is this” and thereafter you take the knife from him. This isn’t good because psychologically it shows you don’t trust in his ability. So do let your man do the job you give him and keep inspiring him. Even if he is doing it wrong, let him finish and correct him. He will appreciate that.

6) Honest communicatio is top priority for men: they want a woman who answers Questions honestly. They want a woman who confidently ask for her wants and needs to be met. So one way to attract a great man is to learn how to communicate your truth and needs effectively.

7) Men want self-sufficient, secure and confident women: Men need to be wanted and needed by their partner. Men want a woman to be active and independent i.e men want an asset not a liability.

8) Men want women who are emotionally mature. Maturity does not mean lack of emotions, it means the ability to handle emotions responsibly.

Men want fidelity and a commitment to the relationship: men want a woman who does not have a “roaming eye” and who can wholeheartedly commit to the relationship. Woman think all men want sex. All men are not to be trusted, all men cheat. The point is great men know how to build a wonderful relationship and they know fidelity is the main ingredient.

So we are at the end of todays article and I want to just brief you 5 behavior that push men away.

1) Playing games. Let your intentions be made known to him

2) Acting like he is not your universe and if he misbehaves there are other guys way better. This is a mistake. Having such mindset will push every man away because men are competitive in nature and they want you to make them believe that they are the best out of

3) Don’t treat him like he is perfect. Love his imperfections but don’t utter a statement like you are perfect, because he knows he isn’t and you telling h he is is like you not been transparent with him.

The attitude of entitlement. Don’t act like he is my man, he is merely doing his jobs by always getting you things and all. If this mindset sticks to you, you will become unnecessarily demanding and less appreciative. Appreciate him even for the little things he get you or anything he get you and Everytime he does something for you.

I want to believe this would go a long way improving relationship and restoring broken relationship.

5) When you are unnecessarily aggressive and shouting at him couple with snubbing him.

Thank you so much guys for the patience. Please do comment, share suggest and above all be safe, wash your hand most times.



  1. Nice!πŸ’…….
    Another very enlightening write up…
    But sincerely men are really weirdπŸ’―
    Especially with the explanation on; “A man’s brain is like a giant apartment complex” and “a little studio apartment for emotions or feelings”….
    I totally agree with that…
    Amazing write up****🌟🌟🌟

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for this post… it’s really a great write up

    Communication is actually key


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