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Banky W made Adesua cry as they celebrate 3rd Introduction anniversary.

“We celebrate two icons for the grace of God upon their lives and we wish them more wins, greater accomplishment and fruitful years ahead to celebrate more. We love you Banky W and Adesua. We look unto you guys as mentors. Keep soaring”. MJ INSPIRATIONS

Banky W made Adesua emotional as he declares her a gift from God to help through the Journey of life.

The Most celebrated couple whose wedding back in 2017 got many people thinking, talking and anticipating. It’s all started from friendship till it was taken seriously. This kept many people thinking as many thought it would be like other broken relationship in the short term, but many are surprised and will continue to be as long as these two build their love life on God and depend solemnly on Him for guidance, direction and instructions.

Nigeria music Icon Olubankole Wallington also known as Banky W and his wife Adesua Etomi are celebrating their 3rd year anniversary. The couple whose lifestyle has been a source of inspiration to many since they became one in 2017. Banky W and Adesua wedding has been described as the biggest celebrity wedding of modern times.

Amidst Corona virus pandemic, the lovers took out time to appreciate each other and also seized the opportunity to acknowledge their fans great love and support from inception. Above all, Bank W also spoke on few things he would advise lovers to observe which we will look at soon.

Banky W with so much excitement described Adesua Etomi as a gift from God to him. He also laid great emphasis on explaining the fact that the foundation of any marriage is very vital than the surface which a lot of people do not really take into consideration in the early stage.

According to Banky W. The ” Foundation is the strength of a building. Many home owners are interested in the surface things. That is the paint, design, furnishing and accessories. In summary they focus on the things they can see but the part that can’t be seen is actually the most important of all.

He laid emphasis on the fact that people get carried away with feelings only rather than the love, the friendship, the understanding and things that keep the bond tight. He stated that marriages shouldn’t be compared with each other, that is do not compare your relationship with others, as all that glitters aren’t gold. They are lots of uncertainty in marriages which has to be prepared for, because obstacle must arise. But how do you overcome it?

In his second statement he admired and appreciated his babe for the support, care and strength which made Adesua emotional as tears began to drop from her eyes. Awwnn someone may say. It cool right? Yeah. Banky W after a deep appraisal to his wife, acknowledges the fact that structural integrity of a home depends on a solid foundation in order to make the building last. Ability to get the the foundation right, everything else can be worked on overtime. He said this by advising his fan that solid relationship should always be based on foundation such as love, understanding, trust, tolerance and wisdom. You can fix cracks in the wall, you can change the paint on the wall overtime, you can refurnish, redecorate or renovate whenever you feel like. But the relationship must be on a solid foundation to stand the test of time.

Adesua Etomi also gave a remarkable speech by appreciating her man and stating that the journey didn’t start that smooth tho, but she made the decision based on a solid conviction and a strong foundation of love. She also stated that; they are very much work in progress (Adesua and Banky W). The journey has been amazing even tho there were ups and downs but God has been amazing. God is everything I have and the reason we have made it this far. Etomi also said getting married to Banky W remains the best decision she has made.

Wrapping up everything. I want to give a lot of tips that would help resolve conflict and strengthen your relationship. These tips are.

Conflict resolution in a relationship

So ways on how to resolve your conflict now;
1) Skillful expression: This is the ability to express your needs, values, opinions, feelings in a clear, direct and respectful way. Note:”say what you mean and mean what you say, but don’t say it mean”.

2) Skillful listening: it is the ability to listen with the sole goal of understanding what my partner is trying to express even when I don’t like or agree with what I’m hearing.

3) Find the real issue: try to get to know the heart of the matter. Learn to talk about the real issue to avoid constant fighting.

4) Agree to disagree: if you and your partner can’t resolve an issue, sometimes It is best to drop it.

5) compromise when possible: find a middle ground that can allow both of you to feel satisfied with the outcome.” You don’t need to like it but in order for peace to reign and for the sake of love. You just have to do it”.

I hope you learnt few things from all that have been explained. Put this to practice and I bet you growth in your relationship as well as peace. If you have any suggestions or comment, kindly share.


4 thoughts on “Banky W made Adesua cry as they celebrate 3rd Introduction anniversary.

  1. Thanks for sharing this great love story with us.

    Foundation in relationship is actually important.

    Thanks for making efforts to define successful relationship and marriage

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