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Increase your finance during this COVID19 lock down.

Hello. Welcome to another edition of a life transforming business article. In this content we will be considering how money works and why some are financially stranded. Many questions have been asked about wealth and how money works. I hope you enjoy this article, as I walk you through all you need to know about increasing your financial status.

“Don’t aim at making money if you are not actively solving a problem”. Emiola Favor

Let me start by saying making money is far easy than sustaining or multiplying it. 80% of people might know how to make money but only 20% know how to multiply it or make more of it

What is money?

Money is simply a means of exchange for something of value. You need to know that money is nothing but just a medium of exchange. You exchange money for something valuable.

How do you make money ? Sadly our school system doesn’t teach us this while we are in school, but it is a crucial topic that needs to be taught. A lot of people are looking for means to make money but only few identify the basic things or knowledge needed to make money.

You must realize that in order to make money you need to exchange something for it. No human being would give you money for no reason except your family members or if it’s a charity organization. So you need to start deliberating on solving problems or identifying your skills or talent that will be needed at the right time to attract money.

It is important to know that not everyone is financially down. Don’t be deceived, while some complains, some are rejoicing daily and improving themselves. COVID19 lockdown is making some richer. You need to get this. The wealthy are getting wealthy while the poor who keeps making excuses are getting poorer. Money circulate. This is why it is often refer to as currency.

You need to understand that money is still flowing and it’s left for you to tap into this currency. Let’s examine steps to take and make your own money.

* Skill acquisition or value acquisition. You can’t give what you don’t have. It is important to be a force or an icon on your field, be skillful in something and make sure your skill will solve a particular problem.

* Problems identification: Ability to identify opportunity is good but taking action is the best. What makes some entrepreneurs successful is the ability to identify opportunity which seems folks term as luck and act on it after strategic thinking and various consideration. Never jump into a thing you have no idea about.

* Learn more skills: Gone are those days saying jack of all trades master of none. That saying is really not applicable to today’s world. We have a new saying which is jack of all trades master of one. You need to be versatile to increase your financial base. You need to be vast. You never can tell when someone might need a particular skill.

* Establish a strong network: It’s a common dictum that your network determines your networth. You might not be able to do all things at once, that shows you are human. However you can make money from people and for people. Check out your friends and people you associate yourself with. Are they really adding value to you? Can you collaborate with them to achieve success? The truth is no man is an island of knowledge and a tree can never a forest. You need to work with people.

* Have a team: Your team should be people who believes in you and your vision. Not everyone will be there to stand by you, but the few who are interested in you and ready to work with you, do well to never disappoint them and always support them because they deserved to be loved. Grow with them.

I know some might ask how do I start? The best answer is develop yourself as we all know the best form of investment is in oneself. You need to build capacity in yourself. So go for skill acquisition, go for knowledge and go for problems, in it lies your breakthrough.

I am into skin care, as well as a web developer, a graphic designer and a digital marketer. Above this, I major in skin care and that’s because I realized that people skin reflects their confidence and as such I help them solve their problems in that aspect.

This lockdown is a very good opportunity to develop yourself and create all necessary connection and network. Also learn to invest. This topic will be treated in the next article. Thank for your time. I hope this article was worth your time.


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