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Increase your finance during this COVID19 lock down.

Hello. Welcome to another edition of a life transforming business article. In this content we will be considering how money works and why some are financially stranded. Many questions have been asked about wealth and how money works. I hope you enjoy this article, as I walk you through all you need to know about increasing your financial status.

“Don’t aim at making money if you are not actively solving a problem”. Emiola Favor

Let me start by saying making money is far easy than sustaining or multiplying it. 80% of people might know how to make money but only 20% know how to multiply it or make more of it

What is money?

Money is simply a means of exchange for something of value. You need to know that money is nothing but just a medium of exchange. You exchange money for something valuable.

How do you make money ? Sadly our school system doesn’t teach us this while we are in school, but it is a crucial topic that needs to be taught. A lot of people are looking for means to make money but only few identify the basic things or knowledge needed to make money.

You must realize that in order to make money you need to exchange something for it. No human being would give you money for no reason except your family members or if it’s a charity organization. So you need to start deliberating on solving problems or identifying your skills or talent that will be needed at the right time to attract money.

It is important to know that not everyone is financially down. Don’t be deceived, while some complains, some are rejoicing daily and improving themselves. COVID19 lockdown is making some richer. You need to get this. The wealthy are getting wealthy while the poor who keeps making excuses are getting poorer. Money circulate. This is why it is often refer to as currency.

You need to understand that money is still flowing and it’s left for you to tap into this currency. Let’s examine steps to take and make your own money.

* Skill acquisition or value acquisition. You can’t give what you don’t have. It is important to be a force or an icon on your field, be skillful in something and make sure your skill will solve a particular problem.

* Problems identification: Ability to identify opportunity is good but taking action is the best. What makes some entrepreneurs successful is the ability to identify opportunity which seems folks term as luck and act on it after strategic thinking and various consideration. Never jump into a thing you have no idea about.

* Learn more skills: Gone are those days saying jack of all trades master of none. That saying is really not applicable to today’s world. We have a new saying which is jack of all trades master of one. You need to be versatile to increase your financial base. You need to be vast. You never can tell when someone might need a particular skill.

* Establish a strong network: It’s a common dictum that your network determines your networth. You might not be able to do all things at once, that shows you are human. However you can make money from people and for people. Check out your friends and people you associate yourself with. Are they really adding value to you? Can you collaborate with them to achieve success? The truth is no man is an island of knowledge and a tree can never a forest. You need to work with people.

* Have a team: Your team should be people who believes in you and your vision. Not everyone will be there to stand by you, but the few who are interested in you and ready to work with you, do well to never disappoint them and always support them because they deserved to be loved. Grow with them.

I know some might ask how do I start? The best answer is develop yourself as we all know the best form of investment is in oneself. You need to build capacity in yourself. So go for skill acquisition, go for knowledge and go for problems, in it lies your breakthrough.

I am into skin care, as well as a web developer, a graphic designer and a digital marketer. Above this, I major in skin care and that’s because I realized that people skin reflects their confidence and as such I help them solve their problems in that aspect.

This lockdown is a very good opportunity to develop yourself and create all necessary connection and network. Also learn to invest. This topic will be treated in the next article. Thank for your time. I hope this article was worth your time.


Do you want to start up a business and you don’t know how. This is for you.

Hi everyone. This is such an amazing topic. It reminds me of my business and how I started. I have received several emails, suggestions and lot of questions on how to start up a business, most especially during COVID19. Some people are tired of a paying job and they feel they deserve to be self employed, some are even scared of what may happen to their jobs after the Corona virus pandemic. Some don’t just know how. Some ask questions like I have an idea but how do I convert it into a selling product that will yield massive return? How do I get started with my business? Some even get discouraged with the saying that most business fails and they wouldn’t want to risk it, this and that.

Things you need to know before starting a business:
1) Develop your income skill first to be an entrepreneur. Remember the reward of small business ownership are not instantenous, so you need to be patient and willing to make sacrifices.

Questions to ask yourself as an entrepreneur: How much does it cost for rent? What’s my population? Who are my suppliers? Who are my competitors? What is my market strategy? How much cash flow do I have to sustain the business?

2) Dont start a business if you dont understand the industry. Ask your self these questions why you and why now, for example if you want to open a restaurant why dont you work in a restaurant for a while to understand how the industry work.
Don’t start a business if you want more free time: No free time for entrepreneurs only if your company has blossom
So ask your self this question are you actually ready to be an entrepreneur.

Well. Having look at a summary of what we will be dealing with. It is important to know that everything about life is taking risk. But it is advantageous to take calculated risk. Even when you travel you are taking risk. So let’s get to the topic.

How to start a business from scratch.

1) Start with an idea: The first step is having an idea. Well someone may ask a question like I don’t know how to come up with an idea, what should I do? The simple answer is think and if you can’t dedicate time for researching or reading, read books and materials that interest you and don’t be among folks who have this believe that everything that is needed has been created by people, so why do I disturb myself.

That’s a terrible mindset which could be worked on. Ideas comes when you change your mindset by thinking as a success. Get a book on something you admire and always ask yourself is there any problem you can create solution to. Look at yourself and ask what do I wish was in this world that could of impact. Challenge yourself at all times. Idea could be in two face; Creativity and innovation. Creativity is coming up with something that isn’t in existence, while Innovation is developing what is in existence but modifying it in a better way.

Okay. So we are starting with an idea in this section. Having idea is great but not all ideas turns out to be superb or worth implementing. So you have to research about your ideas, carry out a feasibility study and see how realistic it is. Play with your idea, Google your idea to see if anyone is currently doing it. Ask yourself can I convert this idea to business. Mind you when we talk business, we lay great emphasis on value. You should be more focused on value when starting up a business and consider profit too, but most importantly focus on Value.

In summary, you should focus on the big 4, when making your idea a reality.

  • Research about it?
  • Is it successful?
  • Is there competition?
  • Is the market saturated?
  • How are you going to beat your competitors.

At this point two things should be in your mind while brainstorming. If you want your business to succeed, you have to be different or to be better than the rest. Maybe you want to start a cookies business, been better means that your prices are lower or the cookies taste better. While been different means that you are unique, maybe your company has defined look and size of the cookies, but your company allows your consumer to design their own cookies and buy them afterwards.

Another point to note is how much value you bring your consumers?

Do you bring more value than your competitors? The more value your product or service offers the easier it will be further down the road. So you should analyze your idea and the market and also state how it should work.

2) Build your idea into reality. This is where most people get stuck, they just come up with idea and never act upon them. Having idea is great but it means nothing if you never make it a reality. It is so important to get started. It’s far better to try it and fail than not to try at all. Believe that you will figure it out as you go.

When you get to work on your ideas, you will face obstacles that you might have never thought of and you will be forced to come up with new solutions to overcome those obstacles. As a result, your ideas will change and modify into something very different than when you first started. Always learn new things everyday.

People get discouraged because they feel their ideas is not good and it will fail. Just like Thomas Edison said, it’s not failure, it’s just finding out different ways that don’t work.

3) Text your Ideas:.

  • Get feedback.
  • Adapt and change.
  • Repeat the process.

A lot of people make this mistake, they build their business without testing and they think since they have spent too much time on the business people must like it. Build something as fast as possible, show it to people, get their feedback, adapt and change then repeat the process.

4) Building a business without money: Building business without money can be a little bit tough. A simple advise to get started is build your idea around your skills and knowledge. If you are good at marketing, you start drop shipping, affiliate marketing. If you are good at cooking start a cooking business. For me I am good at making natural soap that tone skin, remove stretch marks and pimples. So building my business on this was very easy.

I would like you to know that not every business can be started without money. This is no big deal actually because there are lots of opportunities to get your business started which includes; finding investors online or venture capitalist, crowd funding, getting capital or supports from friends and families. However, you need to come up with a compelling idea and an outstanding business proposal.

So after this, build your idea which is within your skills and knowledge online. You can start with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp. Simply use your skill to give your audience value. After that monetize your audience and continue to grow

It is important to note that not all business can be started without money. For business idea that requires huge capital, you need to find investors online or around you, a venture capitalist. Support from friends and families. However, you need a compelling idea and an outstanding business proposal that cover the interest of the investors and as well as the organization.

It is possible to start a business without money, the only thing holding you back is your creativity and willingness to start. The business you see around was created by a person who are in no way smarter than you. If they can do it, you can. Don’t let your mindset restrict you.

Procedures to take in order to start your business:

  • Idea Generation: That is strategizing and carrying out feasibility study on how realistic your business is.
  • Write a business proposal: Write a detailed proposal that would cover your vision statement, mission Statement, goals and objectives, your marketing strategy and lot more. If you have a problem up with a business proposal, you can comment below.

2) Obtain Startup Capital or leverage on your skills and knowledge.

3) Set up a legal business stature.

4) Satisfy business licensing requirements.

5) Establish a web presence.

6) Open a bank account for your business

7) Have mentors, lawyer who could get help from.

8) Follow Government rules.

I am very sure you all have an idea on what to do and how to do it. You can comment below to express your view on the topic. Stay safe guys.


“As a man you can’t expect a woman to submit to you, if you haven’t given her all of the reasons she should”. Emiola Favor

Hey guys. We hope you are safe? Please do not forget to wash your hand regularly as we gradually approach the end of this Corona virus pandemic (I speak by faith). So we welcome you all to another article that deals with reasons why your lady never submit to you, why your man never respect you and how we could work on various lapses urgently and birth a fruitful relationship. I hope you enjoy, learn and apply these principles. I guarantee you a massive turn around in your relationship.

Every relationship is a blessing and it is to be loved, cherished and admired. I know basic occurrence such as misunderstanding and the likes shows up, but with knowledgeable and wisdom it could be handed careful without hurting or harming each other. Having known that, let’s look at what submission is about.

Gone are those days of King and servant relationship. We are in a partnership era. So if you are still living in that regime, then your operating system is stale and you need to update it. To study more on this subject you should click on this link. It’s just quite unfortunate that most relationship term submissiveness as slavery, which is why most relationship tend to unhappiness, quarrel and increased divorce rate.

Submission in a relationship:

A lot of ladies hate to hear the word submit because we misquote it with the scripture that says slaves submit to your earthly master, so we associate the word submit to slavery. Ladies you need to know that only one person can lead. God called us ladies to be submissive and men to love.

But note you don’t submit to a man that tries to make you feel inferior, you don’t submit to a man that make you feel you are beneath him. You can and you should always submit to a man that is a leader, you should submit to a man that uplift you, elevate you, honour’s you. There are ways you submit to a man by providing him things that he needs in other to make sure you have what you need. A lot of guys dont require a lot from you, all they need is your support, love, care and respect. To know the reason why relationships never work and how to fix it, click on this link.

So we come to girls that are misled by feminism talk such as cooking for your guy is not a responsibility, it’s just a way of supporting him and all. It’s funny but that’s trending, ladies feel cooking for a man isn’t their sole responsibility and as such it should be shared. It isn’t bad to cook for your man and for your to assist you do some cooking. It’s only becomes bad when you feel it isn’t your responsibility cooking for your man.

Most men are neat while some may tolerate dirt, but however, it is your right as a lady to ensure that the house is neat and at all time. As ladies this is to your glory, so don’t expect your man to be excited seeing the house dirty after a long day at work. I know you may say “Hey, let’s be guided I work too”. Yeah i get. Most men would understand and figure out a way of getting a helper who could help you out, tho this is based on mutual agreement. Don’t expect him to come home after a long day only for him to see the house dirty, no food and you expect to respect you and be cool with all that. Everyman needs someone that can recharge him after he is been drained at work. So girls, submissiveness is not slavery, it is just a way of supporting your guy as long as he provides your needs too.

Okay. So let’s look at what men should know if they want ladies to submit and respect them.

As men, you are called to be a leader in your relationship. You are called the head, so lead well.

Also, it is important to know that there is a difference between occupying a leadership position and been a leader. Take for instance, a new CEO (Chief Executive Officers) won’t earn the respect from his or her subordinate because of his or her character or even attribute, owing to the fact that they merely know him, but the CEO will be respected based on his power or authority. So the respect or fear for the person won’t be as a result of what he deserve but the position and the fear that he or she can fire anyone at anytime. But if you are a leader, you don’t need any title or position of authority to be a leader. People follow you because they trust you and respect you genuinely. That is, with or without power..

People believe that been a man in a relationship is a leadership position in the sense that “you should do be says because he is the man”. This style is a very bad route and most divorce has it root in this.

As a man if your lady submit to you, see it as the greatest honour you can ever have in your life. She is simply trusting on your ability to lead, maturity, your decision, consistency, trustworthiness and all these will make her a faithful follower.

Before you get into a relationship, invest in yourself, grow yourself, don’t be an empty barrel and a vision less person. Have a foundation set on how you are going to live your life. You shouldn’t be in a relationship as the head without knowing where you are going or how you are going to lead or what you stand for. There are so many men who doesn’t want to be accountable, yet they want ladies to submit to them. As a man you have to be accountable to your followers and to everyone who looks up to you or your relationship.

Why do you feel people should do what you say when you haven’t earn their respect or trust? People respect some so called leaders not because they deserve it, but the fear of not been sacked.

Every lady actually wants a man who is vision driven, mature and not confused. They want to really trust, love, adore and submit to a man who will deserve it and not force or compel them too. If your babe doesn’t respect you or submit to you as you would want, don’t yell at her. You just need to work on yourself until she realizes that you deserve her trust, respect and submissiveness. If you force this on her, you will keep loosing respect, love and finally lose her.

I hope you all enjoyed this episode. Please put this to practice and your love life will be so blessed.

Banky W made Adesua cry as they celebrate 3rd Introduction anniversary.

“We celebrate two icons for the grace of God upon their lives and we wish them more wins, greater accomplishment and fruitful years ahead to celebrate more. We love you Banky W and Adesua. We look unto you guys as mentors. Keep soaring”. MJ INSPIRATIONS

Banky W made Adesua emotional as he declares her a gift from God to help through the Journey of life.

The Most celebrated couple whose wedding back in 2017 got many people thinking, talking and anticipating. It’s all started from friendship till it was taken seriously. This kept many people thinking as many thought it would be like other broken relationship in the short term, but many are surprised and will continue to be as long as these two build their love life on God and depend solemnly on Him for guidance, direction and instructions.

Nigeria music Icon Olubankole Wallington also known as Banky W and his wife Adesua Etomi are celebrating their 3rd year anniversary. The couple whose lifestyle has been a source of inspiration to many since they became one in 2017. Banky W and Adesua wedding has been described as the biggest celebrity wedding of modern times.

Amidst Corona virus pandemic, the lovers took out time to appreciate each other and also seized the opportunity to acknowledge their fans great love and support from inception. Above all, Bank W also spoke on few things he would advise lovers to observe which we will look at soon.

Banky W with so much excitement described Adesua Etomi as a gift from God to him. He also laid great emphasis on explaining the fact that the foundation of any marriage is very vital than the surface which a lot of people do not really take into consideration in the early stage.

According to Banky W. The ” Foundation is the strength of a building. Many home owners are interested in the surface things. That is the paint, design, furnishing and accessories. In summary they focus on the things they can see but the part that can’t be seen is actually the most important of all.

He laid emphasis on the fact that people get carried away with feelings only rather than the love, the friendship, the understanding and things that keep the bond tight. He stated that marriages shouldn’t be compared with each other, that is do not compare your relationship with others, as all that glitters aren’t gold. They are lots of uncertainty in marriages which has to be prepared for, because obstacle must arise. But how do you overcome it?

In his second statement he admired and appreciated his babe for the support, care and strength which made Adesua emotional as tears began to drop from her eyes. Awwnn someone may say. It cool right? Yeah. Banky W after a deep appraisal to his wife, acknowledges the fact that structural integrity of a home depends on a solid foundation in order to make the building last. Ability to get the the foundation right, everything else can be worked on overtime. He said this by advising his fan that solid relationship should always be based on foundation such as love, understanding, trust, tolerance and wisdom. You can fix cracks in the wall, you can change the paint on the wall overtime, you can refurnish, redecorate or renovate whenever you feel like. But the relationship must be on a solid foundation to stand the test of time.

Adesua Etomi also gave a remarkable speech by appreciating her man and stating that the journey didn’t start that smooth tho, but she made the decision based on a solid conviction and a strong foundation of love. She also stated that; they are very much work in progress (Adesua and Banky W). The journey has been amazing even tho there were ups and downs but God has been amazing. God is everything I have and the reason we have made it this far. Etomi also said getting married to Banky W remains the best decision she has made.

Wrapping up everything. I want to give a lot of tips that would help resolve conflict and strengthen your relationship. These tips are.

Conflict resolution in a relationship

So ways on how to resolve your conflict now;
1) Skillful expression: This is the ability to express your needs, values, opinions, feelings in a clear, direct and respectful way. Note:”say what you mean and mean what you say, but don’t say it mean”.

2) Skillful listening: it is the ability to listen with the sole goal of understanding what my partner is trying to express even when I don’t like or agree with what I’m hearing.

3) Find the real issue: try to get to know the heart of the matter. Learn to talk about the real issue to avoid constant fighting.

4) Agree to disagree: if you and your partner can’t resolve an issue, sometimes It is best to drop it.

5) compromise when possible: find a middle ground that can allow both of you to feel satisfied with the outcome.” You don’t need to like it but in order for peace to reign and for the sake of love. You just have to do it”.

I hope you learnt few things from all that have been explained. Put this to practice and I bet you growth in your relationship as well as peace. If you have any suggestions or comment, kindly share.


Hey you! Welcome to another edition of a relationship transforming and life changing article. I thank you for the love, care and responses. Most of you really craved this topic, so here we are. I want you to get a good sit and nice juice with pop corn beside you before going through this article. Enjoy!

“Love birth relationship, understanding maintains it, knowledge transforms it and wisdom makes it fruitful” Emiola Favour

Okay. So we will be looking into an interesting part of this article which is understanding how men fall in love. Some girl are wondering do men have feelings? Are they worth trusting? Is sex all about men’s feeling? How do I make my man long for me? How do I win my man back from a strange woman and all. It’s funny how some people make up their mind never to go into any relationship but at the end of this article, trust me you would want to try one. Okay. So fasten your seat belt and let’s move.


We must understand the fact that how men fall in love is completely different from how women fall in love. A man’s brain is like a giant apartment complex, they have one apartment for their jobs, one for eating, one for their car, one for their job, a giant apartment for sex, an apartment for sport and a little studio apartment for emotions or feelings.

A man is wired in the sense that, if they are watching a football match it’s hard for them to really comprehend what people say around them. That’s why when he is watching movie or football match, it’s like he isn’t paying attention to you. I know most of you have tried talking to your man while he was watching a program, movie or sport. How was his reaction?

The truth is men can only be or operate at one apartment at a time. This is very different from women’s brain. A woman brain is completely connected take for instance your job could connect to your cars as well as your money, as well as how you feel. Ladies are connected to their female friends and this has a connection to the clothes they wear for outings and the clothes is connected to their pride or ego. That’s it. Women are easily multitasked. So knowing this could go a long way in a relationship. Let’s proceed.

I want you to know that the sexual area of a man is huge while the emotional area is tiny. That is, when a man meet a lady, typically it is the sexual part of his brain that makes him attracted to the lady. I want you to also know that most men do not marry a lady they aren’t attracted to sexually. When a man sees a lady be is first of all attracted by her physical qualifies such as eyes, hair, endowment, curves, body structure and so on. So they are driven most times to you based on sexual drive and they also want to be a good guy, so you see them ask questions like where are you from not necessarily because they care but because they want to have a relationship with you.

Okay having established that. One of the most important words that makes a guy fall in love with a lady is the two letter word NO. That is you establishing the fact that you aren’t going to compromise to his wish as regards his sexual desires towards you, until he signs your contract.

That is the relationship status, what you want in the relationship? Is the goal of the relationship marriage? You get to decide because these are your morale, your value, your believe. Or are you just out there to have fun with him. You have to communicate that to him. Okay he takes you out tries to hook up and you say no! He feels well, most girls say no.

He tries another time, you say no. If the girl doesn’t give up there will be a time most men come to the conclusion that you know what if I get the chance to hang out with her again am not going to get any action from her so I will have to behave myself. So the only reason he would want to hang out again with such lady is because he likes her and he has an emotional connection with her because she is great, cool and her character is charming. At this point he will have to travel in his brain from his huge apartment of sexual drive to the little studio of feelings or emotions and figure how he feels. For some guys this is hard work becayse he has to go through some series of questions such as:

Do I feel like a man with her? Do I want to be with her? Do I have what it takes to make her happy? How do I feel about this woman? Am I willing to give up clubs or party life to be with this woman?

So there is a tremendous amount of energy that a man have that is sexual energy because men have twenty times more testoterones than women do. Testoterones is what ignite our sex drive. This is why men wants more. So that is a huge amount of force and energy that you are using as a lady by saying No. By saying no you simply tell the guy you want some of this but you need ( That is contract signing of commitment, your values and believe, you want an emotional connection, spiritual connection and mental connection with Him). This serve as a motivation for the man that he has to deliver what you need to you. But surprisingly some girls think a man will love them because of sex and he will treat them well when they begin the relationship and all. Remember if the goal is for fun, then that’s her problem. But if it isn’t. Then you got it all wrong. It funny tho.

Also stating your want is one of the sexiest thing that a woman can do. The four letter word a woman can speak is WANT. That is a blue print for men to deliver to you what will make women happy.

Okay. So guys we will look into the second part which is the most important part of this episode. Which is 8 things every man need in a relationship.

1) He wants you to be happy! I know someone is like are you for real, stop kidding me and all. But seriously he want your happiness. Now does he just ask for this? Does he just say he happy? Be happy please. Of cause no. It will be creepy if he does. The problem is your happiness is a reflection of his happiness as the man in the relationship. Your happiness is tagged to his sense of worth as a man. So if you are not happy don’t be surprised if he is restless.

2) He wants you to take interest in his interests: Men love it when you become passionate about what they are passionate about. Whether he loves football, sport, music, racing or even his job. Start showing interest in those things and you will see how it will build bonds and connections between the two of you. Just imagine you screaming goal with your boyfriend while watching football with your boyfriend, instead of complaining he is not giving you attention while watching ball or doing things he is passionate about. The truth is he wants you to be passionate about what he is passionate about but wouldn’t want to compel you. Trust me, he will so happy and excited. When you connect to something that he loves the loves connects to you

3) Your man wants to be praised and acknowledged: No man will ask for this directly or rarely will a man ask for this yet this is what men crave. I know the days of King and servant kind of relationship in a love relationship is over but you should reverence and honor him. Men wants that praises. Acknowledge it when they do a good job, when they offer you help or favor. When he hugs you just whisper sweet words from your heart like telling him you give the best hug in the world. When you receive an award at work and you are being interviewed you could just say I wouldn’t have achieved this without the help and the support of my man. Trust me this goes a long way.

4) Encourage him to try new things that is adventure. If he is the type that doesn’t like going out or doing some engagement, motivate him, you could tell him boo boo I am hanging out with my friends and we are doing girls night, while not hang out with your boys today and have fun, gist with them.

5) He wants your confidence in him. This is very difficult to ask for. He wants you to believe in him and have confidence in him, give him a task once in a while and trust him to do it. Even if you can so it better and faster don’t show it. Keep inspiring him to do it a different this will always boost his morale. Imagine your man helping you in the kitchen to slice onions and you walk in and say “What on Earth is this” and thereafter you take the knife from him. This isn’t good because psychologically it shows you don’t trust in his ability. So do let your man do the job you give him and keep inspiring him. Even if he is doing it wrong, let him finish and correct him. He will appreciate that.

6) Honest communicatio is top priority for men: they want a woman who answers Questions honestly. They want a woman who confidently ask for her wants and needs to be met. So one way to attract a great man is to learn how to communicate your truth and needs effectively.

7) Men want self-sufficient, secure and confident women: Men need to be wanted and needed by their partner. Men want a woman to be active and independent i.e men want an asset not a liability.

8) Men want women who are emotionally mature. Maturity does not mean lack of emotions, it means the ability to handle emotions responsibly.

Men want fidelity and a commitment to the relationship: men want a woman who does not have a “roaming eye” and who can wholeheartedly commit to the relationship. Woman think all men want sex. All men are not to be trusted, all men cheat. The point is great men know how to build a wonderful relationship and they know fidelity is the main ingredient.

So we are at the end of todays article and I want to just brief you 5 behavior that push men away.

1) Playing games. Let your intentions be made known to him

2) Acting like he is not your universe and if he misbehaves there are other guys way better. This is a mistake. Having such mindset will push every man away because men are competitive in nature and they want you to make them believe that they are the best out of

3) Don’t treat him like he is perfect. Love his imperfections but don’t utter a statement like you are perfect, because he knows he isn’t and you telling h he is is like you not been transparent with him.

The attitude of entitlement. Don’t act like he is my man, he is merely doing his jobs by always getting you things and all. If this mindset sticks to you, you will become unnecessarily demanding and less appreciative. Appreciate him even for the little things he get you or anything he get you and Everytime he does something for you.

I want to believe this would go a long way improving relationship and restoring broken relationship.

5) When you are unnecessarily aggressive and shouting at him couple with snubbing him.

Thank you so much guys for the patience. Please do comment, share suggest and above all be safe, wash your hand most times.


Hey you! Welcome to another edition of a life transforming article. This article reveals why most guys are single, why broken relationships is on the increase and how best to rise above all odds in your love life and transform your life via knowledge and practice. I guarantee you a massive turn around in your relationship. Stay blessed.

“Gone are those days of King and servant relationship. Twenty first Century relationship is all about partnership headed by love and tending towards growth, development and success on every side”.                                        Emiola Favour.

Every one goal is to be loved and to be in a happy relationship. Growing up as a kid, I never believed in anything love and that’s because I see, I hear relationships and marriages around me in shambles, men beating their wives, young girls complaining on the ups and downs in their relationships and the fact that the guy doesn’t understand them and end up cheating and dumping them. I have heard guys say things like they don’t understand her or the relationship anymore. They have tried and things aren’t working. So I vowed as a kid to help people work on their relationship and I couldn’t do that until I worked on myself to understand love and to love myself, then I believed in love and promised myself to work on people’s ignorance of what love truly is and why it’s beautiful to be admired. Stay tuned guys.

Okay. Let’s look into a very important topic which is tips on how to have a strong relationship. Here are 6 points every solid relationship is built on.

1) A Physical contact: Being close are in different ways, it’s physical, emotional and mental. So combining the three aspect gives you a level of closeness that is transcendental. Actually at times you don’t need to be in the same room to feel the closeness, but the bond is just there.

2) Open Communication: She needs to know intentions, you should be able to share any subject with your partner. That is been able to handle situations that comes your way and ability to talk them out. That is becoming friend with a person before dating and after, by that they can be your best friend and you can be comfortable around them.

3) Constant communication: Humans are communicators. We may have different means of communication. Some talk, others listen, yet others find a way to communicate without really saying much, so you must communicate to increase the level of connection with her.

4) Humor and patience to understand: When you both laugh at the same thing it creates bond between one another and you are able to accept each other for whom you are. Women are complex and confusing in nature. Sometimes, women don’t know how to communicate their emotions, but expect you to know how they are feeling, so this is where patience comes in. Sometimes it is not their fault especially when they are on their period which comes with different emotions.

5) Mutual respect and making up after argument: Having respect goes beyond just literal terms. It is about respecting boundaries in relationships. It is about your partner having an opinion about something and you respecting it enough to not want to manipulate your way through it to suit you as we know love is selfless and sacrifice is an attribute of love, also you could suggest an idea concerning some decision your partner is about taking. Now how do you make up after an argument, it’s important to make a mess after argument no matter how small or big. Been stubborn or fighting one another forces you to become distance which could lead to a breakup. Talking to your partner about the fight and how you two can resolve it is a great communication form.

6) Emotional bonding and never take your partner for granted: Having an emotional bond is a way to be able to care for each other, build connection and trust each other. If you ask your partner how was your day? He or she would respond well. In other words it let’s the other person know you care. Also never take your partner for granted, let him or her know how beautiful he is or she is and how special you guy are to each other keeps the relationship sweet and strong. Been there for them. If you let your partner pay for everything everytime and pushing away what they have to say is a sign of taking them for granted.

So we just looked at what keeps relationship strong. We are about understanding what women want. It will be an impossible mission if you want to have a beautiful relationship without understanding what your lady want in a relationship.

1) Women look for strength in a man, what quality are you bringing to her? Does she feel you can handle the relationship. Strength can come in different way such as shapes and form et cetera. Strength comes from confidence, the way you handle situations in a relationship and not getting too emotionally reactive. Strength also sense the tone for your relationship. Women love security, but strength and security are two different things. Strength is also known by the way you act, by the way you present yourself when challenging situation arrive, how you take control of those challenging situation. Strength also entail getting to know the woman that you are in relationship with, what does she like. What are her most wonderful qualities? What are the qualities she wants to improve on? What are her life goals? These are questions you should know and as a team be working towards developing them to become a better person and doing things that you both enjoy and remembering them because these offer security.

2) Mutual respect: Having respect goes beyond just literal terms. It is about respecting boundaries in relationships. It is about your partner having an opinion about something and you respecting it enough not to manipulate your way through. It’s about not testing the limits just to see how far you can push her before she breaks.

The support that you give her and the confidence that you give and correction done in love this shows her security and confidence.
3) Affection such as love, support, correction and play.
4) Positivity is very important in a relationship. Always see good in your partner in everything she is doing. If you spot error, first of all complement her effort and then correct the error.

5) Confidence is also knowing your woman and knowing what she likes and what she doesn’t like and not been afraid to give your opinion about it and show her that you know her. She want her man to be confident in the approach of owning a relationship with her. Most men don’t take full control of owning a relationship and it brings doubt.

6) Security: Most women wants security which mean stability. It doesn’t mean you have to be the richest man in the world. You need to know that no matter what, you woman will be supportive. Have an open communication with her. Where you express your mind and settle differences. You can and should always give your woman word of affirmation. That is tell her she is the best in the world. Help her and be supportive in every aspect. Listen more than you talk when you are with her, give her listening ears, don’t just hear her when she speaks, listen to her when she is talking. Always be there for her, support her and trust her with all your heart.

7) Certainty: She needs to know intentions. What do you intend between the two of you? Do you see a future with her?

Thank you all for your time through this journey of self development and life transformation. We all know no one is an island of knowledge. Incase you have more insights into this topic why not share it in the comment section. Thank you so much. Don’t forget to share with friends and Family.


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“You can’t claim to love anyone if you don’t love yourself, The best way of loving a person is never for what they have but love them the way they are”

Emiola Favor.


According to militant liberal”Lust is the desire for their body while LOVE is the desire for their Soul”. Now! Are you truly in love or you’re just lusting over every woman or man that you see. As a woman are you lusting over the man because he has six packs, he’s tall, light or dark in complexion and you think that’s love. That girl or lady has curves, she’s has a big breast and big bum bum, probably she’s dark or light in complexion as well does not mean you truly love her.

Please check yourself! Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I ready to be committed to this woman or man?
  2. What if all I saw(curves, light, beauty, six packs, big boob’s) fade away, will I still love him/her?

To know the true intent or meaning of Love we have to be conversant with John 3:16. God’s love here tells a lot on what attribute love is bestowed on such as unconditional, sacrifice and lot more.

Love is caring, love is kind and it’s entails commitment, I do say to myself, how can a man love me when he’s not committed to God? How can he love me when He doesn’t love God? If a man or woman cannot be committed to God, he or she can never be to you.

Note: you’ll have your spec in a lady or man but the most important thing is that, will he or she be committed to me? Will he/she be ready to pray with me when things turns to be impossible?
How can you say you love me; when you’re not ready to sacrifice for me. John 3:16 speaks about the love of God toward Humanity for He gave his only son to the universe for the sins He knows nothing about…what a big sacrifice! God loves us and He sacrifice His only Son, if you love me, how do you make the sacrifice?

Love isn’t lust. Please key in to the source of Love (God). Stop been broken hearted and start planning to settle with perfect love that cast out fears, ego or negativity.

Thanks for following up so far. If you have a better suggestions on how love could be strengthen, please comment below. If there is also any topic you would love us to treat. Please comment below. Stay blessed.