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“As a man you can’t expect a woman to submit to you, if you haven’t given her all of the reasons she should”. Emiola Favor

Hey guys. We hope you are safe? Please do not forget to wash your hand regularly as we gradually approach the end of this Corona virus pandemic (I speak by faith). So we welcome you all to another article that deals with reasons why your lady never submit to you, why your man never respect you and how we could work on various lapses urgently and birth a fruitful relationship. I hope you enjoy, learn and apply these principles. I guarantee you a massive turn around in your relationship.

Every relationship is a blessing and it is to be loved, cherished and admired. I know basic occurrence such as misunderstanding and the likes shows up, but with knowledgeable and wisdom it could be handed careful without hurting or harming each other. Having known that, let’s look at what submission is about.

Gone are those days of King and servant relationship. We are in a partnership era. So if you are still living in that regime, then your operating system is stale and you need to update it. To study more on this subject you should click on this link. It’s just quite unfortunate that most relationship term submissiveness as slavery, which is why most relationship tend to unhappiness, quarrel and increased divorce rate.

Submission in a relationship:

A lot of ladies hate to hear the word submit because we misquote it with the scripture that says slaves submit to your earthly master, so we associate the word submit to slavery. Ladies you need to know that only one person can lead. God called us ladies to be submissive and men to love.

But note you don’t submit to a man that tries to make you feel inferior, you don’t submit to a man that make you feel you are beneath him. You can and you should always submit to a man that is a leader, you should submit to a man that uplift you, elevate you, honour’s you. There are ways you submit to a man by providing him things that he needs in other to make sure you have what you need. A lot of guys dont require a lot from you, all they need is your support, love, care and respect. To know the reason why relationships never work and how to fix it, click on this link.

So we come to girls that are misled by feminism talk such as cooking for your guy is not a responsibility, it’s just a way of supporting him and all. It’s funny but that’s trending, ladies feel cooking for a man isn’t their sole responsibility and as such it should be shared. It isn’t bad to cook for your man and for your to assist you do some cooking. It’s only becomes bad when you feel it isn’t your responsibility cooking for your man.

Most men are neat while some may tolerate dirt, but however, it is your right as a lady to ensure that the house is neat and at all time. As ladies this is to your glory, so don’t expect your man to be excited seeing the house dirty after a long day at work. I know you may say “Hey, let’s be guided I work too”. Yeah i get. Most men would understand and figure out a way of getting a helper who could help you out, tho this is based on mutual agreement. Don’t expect him to come home after a long day only for him to see the house dirty, no food and you expect to respect you and be cool with all that. Everyman needs someone that can recharge him after he is been drained at work. So girls, submissiveness is not slavery, it is just a way of supporting your guy as long as he provides your needs too.

Okay. So let’s look at what men should know if they want ladies to submit and respect them.

As men, you are called to be a leader in your relationship. You are called the head, so lead well.

Also, it is important to know that there is a difference between occupying a leadership position and been a leader. Take for instance, a new CEO (Chief Executive Officers) won’t earn the respect from his or her subordinate because of his or her character or even attribute, owing to the fact that they merely know him, but the CEO will be respected based on his power or authority. So the respect or fear for the person won’t be as a result of what he deserve but the position and the fear that he or she can fire anyone at anytime. But if you are a leader, you don’t need any title or position of authority to be a leader. People follow you because they trust you and respect you genuinely. That is, with or without power..

People believe that been a man in a relationship is a leadership position in the sense that “you should do be says because he is the man”. This style is a very bad route and most divorce has it root in this.

As a man if your lady submit to you, see it as the greatest honour you can ever have in your life. She is simply trusting on your ability to lead, maturity, your decision, consistency, trustworthiness and all these will make her a faithful follower.

Before you get into a relationship, invest in yourself, grow yourself, don’t be an empty barrel and a vision less person. Have a foundation set on how you are going to live your life. You shouldn’t be in a relationship as the head without knowing where you are going or how you are going to lead or what you stand for. There are so many men who doesn’t want to be accountable, yet they want ladies to submit to them. As a man you have to be accountable to your followers and to everyone who looks up to you or your relationship.

Why do you feel people should do what you say when you haven’t earn their respect or trust? People respect some so called leaders not because they deserve it, but the fear of not been sacked.

Every lady actually wants a man who is vision driven, mature and not confused. They want to really trust, love, adore and submit to a man who will deserve it and not force or compel them too. If your babe doesn’t respect you or submit to you as you would want, don’t yell at her. You just need to work on yourself until she realizes that you deserve her trust, respect and submissiveness. If you force this on her, you will keep loosing respect, love and finally lose her.

I hope you all enjoyed this episode. Please put this to practice and your love life will be so blessed.



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